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M/s. Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee was established by Late Mr. Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee in 1885 at Yangon (Rangoon) Myanmar (Burma). The core business activity was trading. The company has refining and manufacturing unit of Ghee in Itawa UP India. The refined Desi Ghee, various Pulses, Spices, Herbs, Sandal Wood, Salt etc. were exported through Calcutta (Kolkata) using Sindhia Steam Navigation (British India) to Yangon. The company was also importing wheat flour from Australia and Oil from Penang. The company was one of the major trading and business entity not only in Myanmar but also in India. Mr. Ahmed Mamooje Bangee passed away in 1933, after his demise his sons managed the business. The company survived the First and the Second World Wars.

Myanmar got Independence in 1948 and the Independent Burmese government brought new business and trading rules curtailing the business activities of the company too. The military took over of Burma in 1962 resulted in the Nationalization and the company was nationalized on 19th March 1964 by the Burmese Government.

Mr. Mehmood Dawood Bangee the Son of Late Mr. Dawood Ahmed Bangee and Grandson of Mr. Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee re-established the firm with the same name at Karachi Pakistan in 1993. The company stated the trading business of Textile Dyes, Chemicals and Auxiliaries.

With the passage of time and growing business activities of company, the parent company M/s. Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee was first segmented in 2003 into two, with each segment firm dealing in specified field of business.

The innovation and expansion is core of every business and with the Grace of Allah Almighty we are moving forward with bringing new ideas and changes in our business.

About Us | Textile Sizing Chemicals & Auxiliaries – Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee
Textile Sizing Chemicals & Auxiliaries - Ahmed Mamoojee Bangee

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