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Chemical Manufacturing

AMB core service is manufacturing of chemicals with the technology, equipment, and expertise and schedule flexibility to meet your processing requirements.

Innovation in all aspects of our business improves efficiency and reliability, and creates value for our customers.

Our experience gives us insight into the operability, sustainability and affordability of chemical manufacturing while our diverse workforce creatively applies proven skills to meet your goals.

We have extensively certified facilities, long-standing expertise in chemical processes, qualified personnel, full services, flexibility and, of course, our productivity form the basis for all this.

We deal in following chemicals:


Textile Dyes, Chemicals, Auxiliaries, Special Finishes

AMB tests and analyse detergents, colourants, dyes and pigment ingredients and their applications such as liquid inks, textiles, packaging, food and pharmaceuticals.

Textile Dyes, Chemicals, Auxiliaries are prevalent in the manufacture of many consumer and industrial products, including apparel and textiles, cosmetics, detergents, and packaging. They can impart specific finishes, bring vibrant color to a product to name just a few of their functions.

As a manufacturer of these products, your challenge is to ensure that products are of the highest quality and display optimal performance. Product safety is paramount and the presence of potentially harmful chemicals must be assessed at each stage of the supply chain. With AMB as your partner, we can help you to implement your complete chemical management solutions.


Industrial Chemicals

Our industrial chemical services help you meet quality, manufacturing and regulatory standards across the supply chain and to reach optimal efficiency.

Industrial chemicals are produced in huge quantities and are critical ingredients for products used by both industry and the general consumer.

We test and analyse industrial chemicals that are used in a range of industries such as specialty chemicals, polymers, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, detergents, solvents, textiles and many others. Tests include chemical composition and physical properties, conducted to international standards including ASTM and ISO, and in-house methods assist your quality control testing, trace analysis and contamination issues.


Printing Gums & Chemicals

AMB is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of textile printing gum in Pakistan and worldwide.

Our Printing Gums generates bright color, clear flower outline, with good permeability, and is easy to penetrate the net, easy to get off paste, and resistant to shear, etc in nylon, acrylic and polyester printings; and there is a very good stability in the mill base system.

Each and every product manufactured by us is closely supervised by quality team to check defects and flaws in production.


Sourcing Services

We have strong roots penetrated all over the industry for effective sourcing, covering all products which makes easier for us to select the best supplier for the job.

Having strong roots with Shipping lines, Airlines and Forwarders we can manage and plan the shipment according to target vessel / flight to avoid any delay.

Quality is our main concern starting from first sample till the completion of order. We have a strong quality assurance team who regularly conduct scheduled and surprise audits to make sure the agreed quality standards are met.

We can also negotiate best possible Air and Sea freights to give our clients an extra edge in their cost.


Alternative Energy

We are striving to make a difference in our environment through wind, solar, and backup energy. The value of making a difference in the world is never-ending. Besides other services our company offers the highest quality in every aspect to assure that renewable energy systems provides dependable service for many years to come.

Our solutions allow residential, commercial, government, and industrial consumers to take part in the alternative energy movement such as wind and solar.

The systems we provide and install are hands down the most sophisticated systems in the industry. Backed by our highly trained and certified installers we assure a job done with complete satisfaction and professionalism.