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Conference and Seminar 2008

By In News On August 29, 2015

A Seminar and Conference was organized by AMB Sourcing on 2nd of November 2008 at Amna Hall Shiza Inn Multan.

Conference & Seminar 2008Pakistan is an agrarian country and agriculture and live stock is our backbone. The continues use of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides have effected the Fertility of the land adversely minimizing the Fertility of our land and some cases making the Fertilize Lands barren.

The graveness of the matter has been well perceived by our Farmers and making them worried about their land and its fertility. The scarcity of water, high cost of Seeds, Diesel and Agricultural Machinery is increasing the anxiety of the Farmers day by day and making the business not only non profitable but their lives miserable.

In order to decrease the grievance and distress of the Farmers and make the cost of Farming low and betterment of our Farm Land we have introduce Micro Organism Bio Fertilizers imported from Thailand namely Bio-Plant and Pro-Plant.

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